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Leading Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Castle Rock, CO & Beyond

Our professionals have cultivated a deep expertise and robust local reputation over the last 7 years. What truly sets us apart in the pest control industry is our commitment to responsible, eco-minded techniques. These methods not only safely remove pests and wildlife but also include comprehensive sanitation services to ensure areas are clean and safe post-removal. This approach is particularly aligned with the values of both residential and commercial clients in Castle Rock, CO, and surrounding areas, including the Denver Metro area, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Franktown, Lone Tree, Elizabeth, and Parker. Our dedication to using eco-friendly practices and providing emergency services for urgent needs like dead animal removal demonstrates a keen understanding of our clients’ immediate and long-term requirements. By focusing on both effective solutions and environmental responsibility, our professionals at Rocky Mountain Pest and Wildlife show our commitment to the community and set a high standard in the local industry.

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Pest Control

Our pest control service offers comprehensive solutions to all your pest-related issues. Specializing in rodent control, our expert team tackles infestations with advanced techniques and eco-friendly practices. We handle a variety of pests including ants, bed bugs, and mice, ensuring thorough extermination and preventive maintenance. Trust our professionals to effectively manage and eliminate pests, keeping your environment clean and safe.

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Wildlife Removal

Our wildlife removal service is designed to address all types of wildlife concerns with effective and humane solutions. Focused on wildlife removal, we offer trapping, relocation, and exclusion services to ensure that animals like raccoons, squirrels, and bats are removed safely. Our team also provides comprehensive sanitation and attic cleanup to prevent future infestations. Consult with us for proactive wildlife control and secure your property from unwanted guests.